SprocketHeads, LLC

Alaska's Film, Television, and Commercial Production Headquarters

Established in 1995, SprocketHeads ​is ​Alaska’s ​only ​high-end ​production ​and ​production ​services ​company. ​SprocketHeads ​produces ​and ​provides ​production ​services ​for ​feature films, high-end ​commercials, ​network ​programming, ​contemporary ​documentaries, ​​and ​music ​videos. ​From ​thin ​air ​to ​edited ​master, ​our ​work ​is ​as ​evocative ​and ​unexpected ​as ​the ​Last ​Frontier. ​Heroic ​scenics, ​aerial ​cinematography, ​remote ​locations, ​and ​extreme ​adventures ​are ​our ​specialties. ​

In ​2010 ​SprocketHeads ​was ​a ​production ​services ​and ​pass-through ​company ​for ​Universal ​Pictures/​Working ​Title ​Films’ ​Big Miracle ​(Director: ​Ken ​Kwapis, ​DP: ​John ​Bailey, ​ASC, ​Starring: ​Drew ​Barrymore, ​John ​Krasinski, ​Kristen ​Bell, ​Ted ​Danson, ​Vinessa ​Shaw, ​Dermot ​Mulroney. Format: ​35mm) ​and ​Beyond ​(Director: ​Josef ​Rusnak, ​Staring ​Jon ​Voight ​and ​Teri ​Polo. Format: ​RED). ​SprocketHeads’ ​DP/Cinematographer, ​Steve ​Rychetnik, ​worked ​on ​both ​projects ​as ​DP/Operator ​and ​Operator. In 2011 Rychetnik was a 1st Unit camera operator for The Frozen Ground, starring Nic Cage, John Cusack and Vanessa Hudgens.

Steven ​L. ​Rychetnik, ​Cinematographer.

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