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Kidz Bop – Happy

Victimes For Justice

Meth Ed – Lies

Meth ED – Jumper

Friends of Pets – Hero

Like many Americans, we had to do something, say something in response to the 911 attacks. Our response was purely canine. CNN and FEMA provided actual footage from Ground Zero and we filmed the rest on 35mm. Won lots of awards.

Vote Alaska – Irene Bedard

An absolute pleasure to work with, Irene Bedard shines on 35mm film in this effort to get Alaskans to VOTE!

Cantique de Noel

The challenge: borrow a 16mm camera, some lights, volunteer crew and bombed-out apartment house; bring all the old film from the fridge, invite a world-class opera singer and a homeless girl, smash some ornaments– and find the meaning of Christmas in this unscripted, unrehearsed and unusual holiday video.

Work Sample

SprocketHeads’ DP/Cameraman, Steve Rychetnik, shoots like this. Enjoy this medley of 35mm, with some 16mm and one BetaSP shot hiding in plain sight. Most of the aerials are Wescam-stabilized, the rest are handheld. See if you can tell the difference.